"Emerald's Big John is the synth guru behind the illustrious Lilypad. Immense decay and epic clarity. Just when you think that the tone has stagnated, another hole of hi-end oscillation materializes. Constantly progressing to the next level of blissed out forgetfulness. Soft and comforting, yet possessing the ability to completely entrance the listener into a state of loneliness; the first disc has the abductive quality to be over before it even starts. A multi tiered synthetic existence of pure desolation and beauty. The second disc is a masterpiece of stereo panning, with a focused separation between left and right, going beyond the normal dimensions of time and space. Meant to be played loud and alone to truly grasp the solo solidarity and self-contemplating tones. Growing louder and heavier to the pinnacle of reverse deprivation. In typical Lilypad infoless anonymous styled packaging, in this case a mind bending 'witchbox' by visual cat lover, Witchbeam with an 11"x17" color poster insert in an edition of 50 copies."