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Witchbeam 5 Year Comp

Slasher Risk - Eight Belles
0:00 - 8:08
An unusually mellow contribution, you can still find the manic energy that Andy & Sara bring to Slasher Risk lurking deep inside.

Yeti Scalp - Window To The Past
08:12 - 13:18
A dialog between Jacques and Juan that I was grateful to be able to throw my two cents into occasionally.

Thursday Club - Executive Staff
13:32 - 21:24
This track works like a dissociative drug, you start with it playing in your Walkman and the next thing you know you have gotten completely lost, cant find your metro card, and for some reason you are heading north towards Harlem instead of south to Crown Heights. The thing is, you really don't give a fuck because nothing is real. True story. Three parts Cleveland orgone freakout, one part Anton LaVey organ freakout, long live Thursday Club.

Witchbeam - Change Desires Into Realities
21:28 - 27:20
Many of the same sounds that are on the long out of print Wagon release, reworked and rehashed for your consumption.

Sam Goldberg - In The Andes
27:23 - 29:45
Night rituals take place at the peak of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

Matthew Regula - Without Magick This World Would Be Unbearable
29:48 - 37:10
How can you argue with this statement?

Steve Hauschildt - Surveillance Chapel
37:12 - 41:51
By listening to this track you would think that the Surveillance Chapel is some sort of glass machine floating in the sky, hiding in the clouds to cloak it's reflection in crystal blue waters... the true details are a bit grittier, but take place in an area of lush and exotic beauty.

Mark McGuire - Looks Like Rain
41:55 - 50:30
If this were a class I would hate him for blowing the curve for the rest of us.

Witchbeam - Culled From The Devil's Playbook
50:34 - 54:43
The ancient rites are coming back. Seriously. Starting in the Black Valley.

Thank you Ryan for hosting this on Thursday-Club.net
Temple of Pei #004